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At the crossroads of life

Great accessibility via highways:

  • From north, to Hemmat Hwy,
  • From South to Hakim Hwy, 
  • From east to Bakery Hwy.

Accessibility to main roads:

  • Ayatollah Kashani St., 
  • Shahran Boulvard.

Accessibility to the best West Tehran shopping malls:

  • Bam Land,
  • Hyperstar,
  • Kourosh,
  • Tirajeh,
  • Boustan.

Accessibility to the main public transportation system:

  • Adjancy to metro station,
  • Adjancy to taxi and bus stations. 

Panaroma Residential Towers, Next to Mehr Clinic, Shahrak-e-Shohada St., Al-Qadir Sq., Shahr-e-Ziba  ; View it on Google Map.

Architectural and structural design

Stunning design and structural stability are other key features of Panorama Towers.

The towers were designed by renowned Iranian architect, Farzad Daliri, known for famous designs such as Negar Tower and Kouh-e-Nour. The veteran architect has a reputation for coming up with innovative designs that bring together visual appeal, functionality and convenience.

Dr. Mohammad Legzian is in charge of the towers’ structural design and is currently overseeing the construction of the steel deck ceilings. The buildings have been tested for their resistance against all applied loads, particularly earthquakes, with state-of-the-art equipment.


There are 7 apartment units on every floor's wing, which come in various sizes from 85 m2 to 170 m2 and receive plenty of sunlight. The apartments are located at an appropriate distance from one another to provide privacy for the residents.

Each unit is equipped with acoustic and thermal insulation, which helps reduce noise pollution and energy consumption.  

By a little help from modern lighting systems, the towers’ unique mixture of contemporary and traditional design will be easily seen from long distances like a diamond. 

Each tower has a stylish lobby on the ground floor and is equipped with seven elevators and three fire escapes.

Simply put, Panorama has been designed with you in mind and surely to cater to different tastes.

Technical features

Panorama’s main technical features are as follows:

  • 7 high-speed elevators in each of the towers
  • BMS building management system 
  • Fire protection systems
  • Fire-resistant doors and walls
  • Firestops in each tower’s riser pipes and ducts
  • Smart air conditioning system
  • Absorption chillers to help regulate temperature
  • Digital and smart locks
  • RFID access control
  • Consumable water storage tank
  • Emergency power generators 


  • Spacious And Modern Hall As Well As Lobbies
  • Separated Swimming pools For Men And Women, Equipped With Saunas And Steam Rooms
  • Walking Trails As Well As Standard Outdoor Volleyball, Basketball And Tennis Courts
  • A Well-Equipped Gym
  • A Cinema Which Can Be Booked
  • Conference halls With A Spacious Main Hall For Large Ceremonies As Well As Smaller Public 
  • Rooms For Small, Quick Gatherings
  • Meeting Rooms In Each Tower To Convene Quick, Emergency Meetings, Equipped With
  • Internet, Audio And Videoconferencing Facilities As Well As Catering Services
  • Nurseries And Daycare Centers At Each Residential Tower To Aid Families And Specifically 
  • New Parents
  • Indoor And Outdoor Recreational Spaces For Children Monitoring Via CCTV
  • Green Roof Available To All Building Residents
  • Pleasant Green Area In And Around The Residential Complex

Comfort & trust

After the completion of the towers, the project manager (Rahab Sakht Co.) will remain on board and continue to serve as post-delivery operation manager, ensuring ease of mind for the owners and residents. The company will unconditionally guarantee the integrity of the structures and all of their components (installations, facilities, etc.) for a period of 5 years. They will also provide 20 years of post-delivery services.

Operations Management - a unique feature of the Panorama project – will entail the monitoring and management of the various parts of the complex as well as the provision of services to the residents as needed. In addition, it will help reduce running costs by generating revenue for the building.

This project utilizes the knowledge and experience of capable executive teams, the finest building materials and is equipped with top of the line cutting-edge machinery for construction. As such, Rahab Sakht Mahan Co. Future inhabitants can therefore reside with a sense of security and ease of mind.

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